Hurricane proof
Impact windows

As low as $5 per month per window installed

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a cost-effective financing solution available in Florida.

Home Upgrade

With PACE, you can fund home improvement, including hurricane impact enhancements.

Energy Efficiency

The financing encourages energy efficiency, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Buy Impact Windows in South Florida

Our expertise lies in impact windows, collaborating with numerous leading brands to deliver paramount quality in both our products and services. Leveraging our well-established partnerships with impact window manufacturers and home improvement lenders, the USAHI team ensures access to top-notch products at a budget-friendly cost.

Moisture Issues

Inadequately sealed windows have the potential to result in significant water damage within your residence. The accumulation of excess moisture can foster the growth of dangerous mold and mildew, signaling a significant issue. Implementing high-quality impact hurricane windows can effectively mitigate the risk of water infiltration.

Energy Efficiency

High energy bills might be attributed to high or deteriorating window seals. Installing impact windows can effectively minimize air leakage within the household, leading to decreased energy expenditures.


Aging windows often deteriorate, resulting in challenges when trying to open or close them. This not only poses potential risks but also leads to air leaks that impede the proper functioning of the windows.

Why choose impact windows?

JBN has led the impact industry for over 40 years by improving safety standards, pushing innovation, and delivering superior performance.

Long-Term Savings

Noise Reduction

Better Security

Energy Efficiency

Hurricane Protection

UV Protection

About JBN

JBN Construction, Inc. and its roofing division have served as one of South Florida’s top home improvement companies offering only the best and latest in energy efficient upgrades for your home.

With over 20 years’ experience, locally owned and operated, JBN has had the privilege to serve thousands of customers in the home improvement space, and looks forward to guiding you through your next energy efficient project.

100% Financing

Covers materials, labor and everything in between

$0 Down

Begin financing without any initial payment

Easy Approval

Quick and easy processing without regard to past credit history

Our Projects

From Miami to West Palm and beyond, we are proud to partner with so many homeowners with such beautiful results.

Why Partner With Us

From Miami to West Palm and beyond, we are proud to partner with so many homeowners with such beautiful results.

Made In USA

We stand behind the quality of our work. By offering only the best products for your home, your investment will see the long term value and return you’re looking for.

Meet & Exceed Expectations​

While we deliver on what we promise, we won’t rest until our customers are satisfied beyond expectation. We find it’s that extra mile we’re willing to go that makes the difference at JBN.

Honesty with Integrity

We have built our reputation by producing quality work and ensuring that we deliver on what we promise, and treat our customers and their homes as if they were our own.

Affordable Pricing & Financing

What we quote is what you will pay, and we offer a variety of state-approved and backed financing options to ease upfront costs while still delivering on quality.

Custom Product & Design

No two homes are the same, and we believe custom design should reflect how you want your home to look and feel.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We would be nowhere without our customers, and we invite you to ask them, or us, about why so many have entrusted their homes with JBN.

The PACE Program

Achieve the renovation of your dreams with JBN — for a fraction of the cost. Ask our specialists about how to see if you qualify for 0% down through PACE.


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Successful Projects

Pat Nickerson
Pat Nickerson
After Hurricane Ian, I made the mistake of ordering impact windows from a big box store. The windows came to the store, but sat there for a couple months waiting for installation and the store couldn't even give me an installation date. I went on line and found JBN Construction and Roofing. Kim, in the office, was very sympathetic and had the owner,Patrick, give me a call the next day. Greg came over and measured my windows and said they could do it the next day. Moses and Sebastian showed up as promised, and did a wonderful, professional job of installing my windows. Everyone I spoke to from JBN was friendly, courteous and followed through on everything they said and I love my new windows. Great job JBN! You all deserve higher than a five!
Lydia Serrano
Lydia Serrano
Jessie of Jbn was great and responsive. He ensured all my questions were answered and reassured me of my investment on my new roof ! Thank you 🙏
Brian Raimondo
Brian Raimondo
Our home's roof was severely damaged by Hurricane Ian. After calling several roofing and construction companies JBN was the only one qualified to complete the repair, as it required engineering work. Upon calling JBN, the receptionist had me booked for a free estimate within several business days. Gregory, JBN Estimator, arrived on time and it was clear from the first greeting the company was going to be easy to work with. He provided a same day estimate and a full contract a few days later. I was pleasantly surprised that I got to talk to their owner, Patrick, several times to have questions answered. The job required the replacement of a metal roof and the one installed is equally aesthitcally appealing as is an architectural fortress. The process from beginning to end took several months due to insurance and mortgage company benefits, and JBN helped steer us in the right direction and remained patient through it all. Thanks for a great job JBN, The Raimondos
Replaced my entire roof in ONE DAY start to finish! Everyone else in Charlotte County waiting months just for callbacks 😵 Tony Gonell was the absolute best to deal with. I personally recommend dealing with him he was always responsive to all my needs everytime. Great job JBN 💪🏼
Grant Crall
Grant Crall
Replaced my roof and a large portion of my drywall. Did an excellent job in a reasonable amount of time. Not the cheapest around but you get good work done!
Joanna Santos
Joanna Santos
Very responsive and professional company. Nelson was there to assure all went great from beginning to end!
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan
The JBN folks were great to work with. Nelson was very responsive as project manager. The workers are very talented and respectful. We highly recommend JBN Construction.
Michael McClellan
Michael McClellan
The business was very professional and worked hard to obtain the right roof tiles for my home. Very good service though out the process.
Vincent DiMolfetta
Vincent DiMolfetta
Like everyone in Port Charlotte, I was waiting months to have my roof replaced after hurricane Ian. 10 days before Christmas, Nelson knocked on my door and gave me a quote. Not only was their price reasonable, but he assured me they would have a new roof on my house before Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I see these guys out here finishing my roof on literal Christmas Eve. If that’s not above and beyond, I dont know what is. They repaired/replaced all of the soffit. They showed up early, left late, cleaned up the job site, I never had an issue getting an answer about anything. If Nelson didn’t know something, Patrick did. I’ve already had a private home inspector inspect their work and found zero issues. TL;DR Ludicrous speed completion times Very professional Very fair prices (military discount too) Highly recommend (I’m sure they’re all great but I can specifically recommend Nelson)

Our Four-Step Process

Briefly expand on that unique advantage your product gives your customers compared to the old way of doing things.


Briefly expand on that unique advantage your product gives your customers compared to the old way of doing things.


Give our team a call or fill out our online form to schedule your next in-home consultation. JBN makes it easy, free and convenient for your busy schedule.


Give our team a call or fill out our online form to schedule your next in-home consultation. JBN makes it easy, free and convenient for your busy schedule.


Give our team a call or fill out our online form to schedule your next in-home consultation. JBN makes it easy, free, and convenient for your busy schedule.

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